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Welcome to HKB Wing Chun Kung Fu Tustin Martial Arts

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HKB Tustin Martial Arts

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HKB Tustin Martial Arts , as a premiere martial arts school in Orange County, is dedicated to provide you with the best martial arts experience and quality instruction possible in Irvine, Tustin, Anaheim, Orange, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo as well as Los Angeles Metro Area.Tustin Martial Arts

Being the best Wing Chun Kung Fu School in Orange County, HKB Tustin Martial Arts offers more than 120 Martial Arts Classes per month, Morning, Afternoon as well as Evening time, using a very advanced combat strategic system, The famous Black Flag Wing Chun! Our students and Instructors travel all over the world just to study here. They know the quality of our Wing Chun program and after direct experiences decided to settle anything less.Tustin Martial Arts

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As the training headquarter location of the world Premier Kung Fu Organization; The Official Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun Kun Tao, we have grown so far and expanded now in 13 Countries in North America, South America, Middle East, Asia and EuropeTustin Martial Arts

HKB Kuntao in Italy - Wing Chun Orange County
GM Lin Xiang Fuk’s Seminar in Italy, Europe

 HKB Seminar in Netherlands -  Wing Chun Orange County
GM Lin Xiang Fuk’s Seminar in Amsterdam-Netherland, Europe

 HKB Kuntao in Ohio - Wing Chun Orange County
GM Lin Xiang Fuk’s seminar in Dayton, Ohio, North America

 HKB Kuntao in UK March 2012 - Wing Chun Orange County
GM Lin Xiang Fuk’s seminar in United Kingdom

 HKB Kuntao in Brazil, South America  - Wing Chun Orange County
GM Lin Xiang Fuk’s Seminar in Brazil

We are conveniently located at 14051 Newport Ave, Suite A2, off the Freeway 5 South in Tustin, Orange County, California. We have exclusive training floors that are kept clean and sanitized everyday and provide a fun friendly family environment. Our goal is truly to develop Black Sashes and Black Sash Excellence outside the school as well as inside the school with the latest cutting edge of martial arts, self-defense and fitness training.

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Our Professional Martial Arts Academy at HKB Tustin Martial Arts


Black Flag Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts program for Adults
Our Adult HKB Wing Chun Kung Fu program is known world wide. HKB Tustin Martial Arts provides Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun Kung Fu Instruction, the true Authentic Chinese Kung Fu, that specialize in area of Chan Wisdom/Philosophy, Qi Gong Health and Maximum Efficiency Combat addressing all ranges of combat self defense.

  • This advance combat strategy you will learn is very unique and as a smart choice of realistic self defense can very well save your life and the loved one!
  • Each and every classes will relieve stress. You learn to relax on a deeper level while building your skill.
  • Our great physical conditioning are a great way to build functional muscle, tendon and bone strength, flexibility and agility.
  • The absolute hands-on training builds practical, real-world confidence that can turn you into successful person in life.
  • HKB Wing Chun philosophy changes the way you look at things – Maximizing your time, space and energy dealing with  life’s challenges.
  • Our program is a lot of FUN. Our long-track success across the county indicate that because our classes are always fun, people learn faster.


Black Flag Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts Instruction Program for Woman
Our Effective Martial Arts program is proven to help you Defend Yourself In a Life or Death situation against A Man Much Bigger while Get in Shape and Stay FIT. Once You Get Going You’ll Be Hooked On The FAST Results!

  • This advance combat strategy you will learn is very unique and as a smart choice of realistic self defense can very well save your life and the loved one!
  • Each and every classes will relieve stress. You learn to relax on a deeper level while building your skill.
  • Our great physical conditioning are a great way to build functional muscle, tendon and bone strength, flexibility and agility.
  • The absolute hands-on training builds practical, real-world confidence that can turn you into successful person in life.
  • HKB Wing Chun philosophy changes the way you look at things – Maximizing your time, space and energy dealing with  life’s challenges.
  • Our program is a lot of FUN. Our long-track success across the county indicate that because our classes are always fun, people learn faster.


Black Flag Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts Instruction Program for Children
“Martial Arts is the Greatest GIFT you can give to your child that last for a LIFETIME.”
Our Martial Arts Classes/programs will help your child to, but not limited to:

  • Increase their focus
  • Gain self control
  • Develop confidence
  • Learn mental discipline.
  • Learn respect
  • Enhance children’s assertiveness
  • Channel children’s aggression
  • Learn a lifetime REALISTIC self-defense skills
  • Create a solid Self Identity and UNSHAKABLE Confidence for the future to make the good and responsible decisions.


Beyond Workout and Realistic Self-Defense
Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun is a true Martial Science grounded in a realistic military heritage. Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun Kung Fu is the cutting edge martial science of hand-to-hand cold combat, and was developed for actual life and death situations. It contains the total package of military scientific tactics and strategies as well as practical training methodologies.

It is the only cold combat system that reaches the optimum efficiency level during centuries of warfare. It reflects the Chan (Zen) view of practicality in dealing with combat. The paradigm shift was brought about by the collaboration of the Shaolin Monks and the deposed Military Leaders who supported the Ming Dynasty. In their quest to develop a martial system that would counter all other fighting styles, and address immediate needs of the rebels in combat, they developed a new fighting system based upon a new paradigm – science. Hek Ki Boen is unique as a true Military Science in today’s Martial Arts world. A true Martial Science has its basis in the
realities of the dimensions of time, space, and energy.

Hek Ki Boen is not only a cutting edge fighting system it is also consistent with its Chan (Zen) philosophy of spontaneity, completeness, and practicality. By resolving to live each day as if it were his last, the Hek Ki Boen warrior discovers how to experience life fully, without indecision or regret. This means the ability to focus the mind completely on one thought or activity, thereby forgetting oneself. Most people have had the experience of concentrating so deeply on an activity that all awareness of themselves were
eliminated. At these moments, time flies and one is able to continue engaging in the activity for extended periods of time without tiring.

It amounts to a kind of peak experience. In Chan (Zen) that’s being spontaneous and focused on the here and now. Moreover, when real skill is achieved in any action, one is primarily aware of what is happening at that moment, rather than of the self or body. In facing combat reality, one has to look at all the dimensions of combat from weapons to close range hand-to-hand combat. The martial artist eventually arrives at a philosophy and way of living that allows him to transcend his fears and ultimately himself.

This brings about self-actualization, and assists the practitioner in developing a martial way of life. In order to practice Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun the practitioner must train the body, mind, and spirit in relationship to time, space and energy.

Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun as a science it is formulated to maximize the three components of time, space and energy as related to the anatomical formations of the human body. Basing martial arts training on anything less than the reality of three-dimensional space leaves one open to attack from at least one angle. The reference planes are identified and the height, range, and width are used to create a three dimensional volume in space of zones for attack and defense. In the physical world, nothing goes beyond time, space
and energy. It was this cutting edge scientific approach to combat over 350 years ago that caused the evolution from art to science as is contained in the Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun Formula.

The concept of Time, Space, and Energy are relative to the universe in that they have always existed and will continue on as long as that universe exists. To gain a realistic perspective of these concepts, you must also understand their relevance to each other. Time is the element that is used to measure the expeditious movement of objects in space. Space provides the area in which all objects occupy and move. Energy is the force that is generated to move objects within that space. Time, Space, and Energy are harmoniously inter-related. Collectively they form the basis for scientific reality. Individually, they have specific functions.

Below is a few Video Demonstration and Tutorial to give you some idea of what we do:

Tutorial 1: Maximum Efficiency Combat System

Tutorial 2: Optimum Combat Position
Tutorial 3: Usage of Bong Sao to Occupy the space of attack

Demonstration 1: Internal Power
Demonstration 2: Sticky Hands
Demonstration 3: 18 San Sik Application
Demonstration 4: Gala Night Demonstration of Internal Power

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